Randall and Shelia Damesworth

Satellite Distributors

Business owners Randall and Shelia Damesworth have been in Rainbow since 2013. We have had our own Rainbow Office since 2016.
Randall and Shelia are committed to customer service and dealer training.
Our company offers opportunity without limits.

Happy Customers

Never thought I would say I love an air purifying total home cleaning system, but I do. It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have asthma, my daughter has allergies, and of course my husband snores. Since or purchase he has not snored, I breathe easier, and her allergies are much better. Even our dog loves the rainbow. He lays and waits patiently for his turn to be vacuumed. Dusting, doing the walls, curtains, furniture, are so much easier now. One machine does it all. Until this purchase, I never knew how unclean my house was as a stay at home mom. I pride myself in my home. Now I know my home is clean.
Brook Sims
The rainbow vacuum that my husband purchased for me has been a life saver. My husband has leukemia and I work extra hard at my house to keep his immune system working. Until I got the Rainbow, I was constantly working to clean the floors, dust, and the list was always long. He was excited when he saw the demonstration and saw that the demonstration and the possibilities the vacuum had to help me get the results I needed without all the extra work. I was amazed the 1st week I had my vacuum. I worked thru the house room by room and each day when I finished, I filled the Rainbow and allowed it to clean the air. By the end of the week my husband commented how he had slept without coughing for the 1st time in a long time. The Rainbow has changed the way I clean, and I can see a difference in how much better my husband feels. It cannot cure Leukemia, but it does make a difference in the dust and the air in our home. The purchase of the Rainbow was the best decisions we could have made.
Margaret Hing
When we scheduled our demonstration of the Rainbow, we had no intention of buying. We simply thought that the free Rainmate might be good for our son, who has intense allergies. However, as the demonstration took place, we noticed the air in our home was feeling so much fresher. We were sold then. Now, with the use of the rainbow, our son is doing so much better. Before the Rainbow, he would have 5 nose bleeds in day. With the rainbow, I don’t believe he has had 5 nose bleeds in the last three months. We’re Sold! Love my Rainbow!
Jennifer and Like Chester
I absolutely love our Rainbow! I live how well it pulls the dog hair out of the carpet. It still amazes me what gets pulled up off my floors. I know it is not because the carpet doesn’t get done regularly. I know it is still picking up what our old vacuum cleaner did not! I will never own any other vacuum but a Rainbow!
Cece and Michael Creed
Thank you so much for sharing the rainbow experience with us!!!! Both my husband and I have allergies and always wake up “stuffy” and coughing. Since we have been using the rainbow and the Rainmate we wake up with our heads clear and ready to go! We also have a dog inside most of the time and a quick vacuuming makes the carpet feel so soft and gets rid of the pet hair. We love our rainbow.
Sherry and Pete Beasley