How to Be a Funnier Person

You’d consider yourself to be funny. In fact, you think you have some pretty witty thoughts and comments from time to time. Unfortunately, these comments occur to you either when you’re watching a television show by yourself, or half an hour after a conversation with someone you wanted to impress.

You might think that being funny is a quality endowed on the lucky and withheld from the unfortunate. And while it’s true that some people are naturally funnier than others, funniness is a skill which means it can be worked on and developed.

So how do you sharpen your wit so that you can reap the benefits that often come along with being funny? Give these a try and instantly become more likeable to everyone you come into contact with!

Be More Observant
Before you can start cracking jokes left, right, and centre you need to do some inventory on the way you look at the world. Even those who are known for their deadpan or self-deprecating humor have a lighter outlook on life.

Sure, the jokes they crack are dark and are predicated on what appears to be a negative outlook of the world, but ultimately these techniques stem from their ability to not take things so seriously. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to have a positive outlook on things, but it does mean you need to be able to look more deeply into situations and find the humor in them.

As practice, take the time to think outside of the box about even the most mundane aspects of your surroundings and day to day activities. What might be a perspective that the average person might not pick up on? What is a common opinion about something that doesn’t really make any sense at all?

It’s these little aspects of day to day life that will be useful fodder for jokes later on. You don’t have to think of these jokes ahead of time (spontaneity is the friend of humorous people), but simply developing this technique for picking up on interesting outcroppings of the human existence will become useful in the social situations where you want to be funny.

Be Aware of Your Personal Brand of Humor
Next up you should identify what brand of humor your personality is already inclined towards. This could be combination of what you personally find funny as well as how people already perceive you.

Are you someone who is known for being serious? If so, deadpan might be your way to go. Are you quirky in your fashion sense and appearance? Perhaps wit is your friend.

Watch More and Varied Comedy Material
This tip will help you in your quest to find the right brand of humor for you. Put your comedy palette to the test and explore a wide variety of comedic material.

By watching stand-up routines or television and movie comedies you’ll be able to get a better sense of what styles of humor are out there. Then decide for yourself which you think suits you.

This will also allow you to become familiar with tendencies funny people have. What inflections in their voice help make what they say so funny? Often the most valuable material you can watch are interviews with comedians. Yes, many of their jokes has been prepared ahead of time (especially if it’s on late night television), but at least it appears organic and gives you a better example of playful banter.

Work on Becoming More Articulate
You could have the funniest thoughts in the world, but if you can’t properly articulate them no one is going to realize your comic genius. Practice eliminating fillers from your speech, such as “um,” “uh” and “you know.” My personal favorite of these being people who end their statements with “so yeah.”

Another aspect of this is your enunciation. If you don’t enunciate words properly, people are going to be more focused on trying to figure out what you said than actually laughing at your joke. The less stumbling over your words you do, the better.

Lastly, make sure you aren’t mumbling. Speak at a volume that those around you can clearly hear what you are saying. Otherwise someone is going to ask you to repeat what you said. Nothing kills a joke like having to repeat it, especially if the joke relied on quick-wit and the context of the conversation.

Plus, being articulate is a helpful skill to have in general, so even if you don’t become the funny guy in your group of friends, at least you’ll be well-spoken.

Be Confident
Want to come off as funny? Believe that you are funny.

Confidence is a great way to convince other people that you know what you are doing, even if you don’t actually. As they say, “fake it until you make it.”

If you lack confidence, you’ll probably spend too much time worrying about the technical aspects of delivering whatever funny comment you want to deliver. Instead, you should be focused on keeping up with the conversation and looking for the right moment to talk. Go into your interactions with people with a positive outlook and confidence in yourself that you can deliver a good one-liner if the situation calls for it.