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6 Secrets to Flying No One Tells You About

1) Just Ask

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to simply ask. Politely, of course!

There is a good chance you can get a first class seat for cheap. If there is room in first class (which takes two things to happen: the seats not already being sold out and there not being many premium frequent fliers on your flight who qualify for an upgrade), then airlines will often sell tickets for seats at a discounted rate.

Just make a simple call to the airline’s customer service desk within 24 hours of your flight and see if any are available.


2) Call Airline Customer Service

In fact, calling your airline’s customer service number is often your best bet for most situations. If your flight gets cancelled or delayed, simply call this number and they’ll be able to get you on the next flight out, or help you out much more quickly than someone at the gate or ticket counter can.

Skip the long lines and harried fliers that immediately swarm the poor airport employees as soon as a flight is cancelled or delayed!


3) Email Alerts

If you aren’t in a huge rush to book a flight or if you are casually thinking about going on vacation in the near future, sign up to receive email alerts from your preferred airlines.

You’ll get instant notifications about flash sales and other promotions they are having, allowing you to snag the best deal without having the scour the internet a month before you trip.


4) Tip the Flight Attendants

They are undervalued and have to deal with some pretty crappy situations. A little appreciation goes a long way!

Many people say that if you tip your flight attendant they will give you special perks, such as extra snacks, or other forms of special treatment. It’s worth a shot!


5) Book Your Ticket in an Incognito Browser

The worldwide web is tricky and might change the price of things based on how much interest you have in a particular flight (i.e. if you keep going back to the same flight to check if the price went down!).

Next time, switch your browser to incognito mode and watch how much money you can save! This also works for other travel expenditures, such as car rentals and accommodations.


6) Go Left Instead of Right

Most people are right handed and so naturally gravitate to the right in everything they do – including what lines they pick! If you are in a rush and need to get through security quickly, pick a line on the left.